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"Such a shame!" Shaco laughed as he stabbed his blade through the cloak of a minion. "I can't find any real opponents! They all run away when they see me coming!" The minions eyes burnt out, and it disappeared into dust. "Perhaps if I sneak through these bushes I can take someone by surprise!" Shaco immediately rushed into the bushes, where he say and waited patiently.

A woman with long brown hair, a white top, and big brown boots came walking past. "What's this!?" Shaco asked himself. "A new champion? Oh, this will be fun!" And he disappeared into a cloud of smoke and became invisible!

"Where the hell have I gone to!" Tifa asked herself. "This doesn't look like the right place. Yuffie must have given me the wrong directions again!"

"Maybe I can be of assistance?" Said a voice from behind. Tifa turned to face them, but no one was there. She put up her fists in a battle stance.

"Who said that?" Tifa asked.

"I did!" Replied the voice, this time coming from her left. Again, no one.

"Where are you?" She shouted, frustrated!

"Here!" Replied the voice behind her. She turned but no one was there. "No no, foolish girl! Over here!" She turned and threw a punch, but it just went through the air hitting nothing. "Why so hostile? I'm right here!" The voice laughed! Tifa kept turning and punching every which way she could, but her fists grew tired and she was out of breath.

She bent over, hands in knees, and began to try and catch her breath, when she heard a sound like a foot step. She continued what she was doing, it sounded like feet were coming up from her right side. Suddenly a vicious laugh came from that side, but was not expecting Tifa to be ready! She threw a punch as soon as she heard the laugh, and it contacted whatever the thing was!

For a brief moment her Taunter became visible, but was thrown backwards into some brush. Tifa brought her fists up, ready to fight, and made her way to the bushes.

"Come out now!" She commanded. No one responded. "This is your last chance!" She shouted. Again, silence. She approached the bush to find it empty, except for a small box on the ground. Curiosity got the better if her, and she leaned down to examine it when suddenly BAM! A loud laugh cane from inside and a jack-in-the-box sprung out!

Due to shock and the moment if fear, Tifa flew backwards and fell to the ground. The laugh came from behind her, and as she turned she saw a man dressed as a jester with pale white skin and two daggers in his hands.

"You've tricked me for the last time, clown!" Tifa said, getting to her feet and rushing Shaco."

"Now you see me..." Shaco began. As soon as Tifa threw her punch he vanished. " NOW YOU DON'T!" Tifa was in no mood for this game again. She looked underneath her. It was loose dirt and dust. She kicked it, causing a small cloud to appear. For a moment, nothing happened, but them the dust began to move in the direction towards her right. She kicked in the air and connected with Shaco's chest.

Shaco fell to the ground, but looked up at Tifa with a wide smile. He began to do the worm, but upside down. And then kicked his legs in the air and launched himself to his feet.

"You're a tough cookie to crack!" Shaco sneered. "I like that."

"Come and fight me like a real man you coward! Stop hiding and running away!" Tifa began to rush towards the jester.

"Oh, you asked for it!" Shaco replied. "And so you shall have it!" Shaco readied his blades, sprinted towards Tifa, and did a slicing motion in the air. Tifa just managed to duck underneath, and attempted to jab Shaco in the chest. Shaco bent over backwards, gracefully dishing the attack, and going for another slice with his blade. Tifa back peddled enough to where the dagger was out of reach, and she kicked towards his face, but the clown was quick and managed to hit her in the ankle with his fist.

Tifa lost balance, but managed to recover quick enough to do a leg sweep that Shaco was about to jump over. But before he could she threw out her fist and it cracked him in the face. Shaco stepped back, merely from shock of her being able to hit him.

"Well, I think you're quite a worthy opponent." Shaco said, bowing to Tifa with his one hand behind his back. Though she couldn't see it, he was sticking his dagger into his back pocket and covering it in a coat of poison. "Perhaps I should make it a little less of an even fight!" He immediately stood up, and acting like a pitcher in a baseball game threw his dagger towards Tifa. Though she jumped out of the way, the end of the blade managed to cut through the very too of her shoulder and the poison got into her.

Tifa began to feel dazed. Her vision blurred and her reactions seemed delayed.

"What is this?" She asked.

"My special poison!!!" Shaco exclaimed. "And now it's time to finish you off!" Though Tifa couldn't react quick enough, she saw him coming. She had only one option that she could think of. She began to lean backwards and with all her might slam herself forwards, head first. She headbutted Shaco right in the chin, and he went flying back. Now the blurs from the poison began to wear off.

"Give it up, clown!" She said.

"I have one more trick up my sleeve!" Shaco insisted. For a brief moment he vanished, but then in a puff if smoke two Shacos were there.

"Which is the real Shaco?" The left one asked.

"The world may never know!" Replied the right one.

"I'll just have to beat you both up, then!" Tifa stated, readying her stance.

"Not so fast!" The left Shaco stated, waging his finger.

"If you hit the dummy Shaco, then he explodes!!!" Laughed the right.

"Well, then you made my job a lot easier!" Tifa smirked. She did a round house kick, smacking into the left Shaco and causing him to fly into the right one. The left fell on top of the right.

"Sorry, friend!" The Shaco on the bottom laughed, as he exploded in a blaze of fire. Tifa covered her eyes from the bright flames, and when she looked there was the real Shaco, covered in soot!

"I think... I think..." He began. " I think... That I need to take a nap for a while..." He fell backwards, dazed and unconscious.

Tifa patted off her clothes, cracked her knuckles, and began to walk on the path again. "I just hope Yuffie's directions were right... I don't want to come across any more characters like this again" she walked off into the distance.

Winner: TIFA!!! :iconairorokkuhauto:

It was a fairly close fight, but Tifa managed to pull it off by just 1 vote!!! Clearly Shaco had an arsenal of surprises, but Tifa was locked in all of your hearts and therefor her pure brute strength win this for her!

Close match up! I wonder who will win the next one?

Next match:
Humpty Dumpty (hero)
Plankton (villain)
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AiroRokkuhauto Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You have great writing skills :clap:
Very imaginative and was fun to read :w00t:
Academy77 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Thanks! I think it seemed a little one sides though as Jocomo has more skills than Tifa, so I tried to do the best I could for her
AiroRokkuhauto Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She is capable of using magic, so maybe that could've been taken into consideration :?
Academy77 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
I forgot to equip her with Materia. Sorry XD lol
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